Monday, February 15, 2010

Karate Kid

Not an overly exciting weekend, but we got a decent (well, by some standards) amount of stuff done around the house, played a lot, and ate some good (well, by some standards) food.
What Lucas was doing at the restaurant, I'll never know. What a goof! He was so loud and obnoxious.... just in a goofy goofy mood I guess.
Then this morning we got to go to Ethan's karate class. He normally does it while I'm working, so I haven't gotten to see it yet. His uniform had finally come in and he was soooo excited to wear it.
They practiced kicks (front and rainbow).
They practiced various stances and their "form" which is where they do a little routine, shouting out "Honesty, is alway telling the truth!" Of course, its a bunch of little guys, so it's actually telling the troof.
At the end of class, Ethan earned two stripes - red for being able to say the word (Honesty) and what it means. And green for showing his "focus face" during class.
We were proud. He did quite a bit of silliness, showing off, and genuine goofing off during class, but for the most part followed along really well.
Then we came home for looooong naps. We had to wake the boys up to go to the airport 3 hours later. Only quick tears this time. And Ethan was verbalizing his feelings quite a bit whih is muh better than the giant tantrums he gave last time he was upset.
I'm glad tonight's a workout night- I may have overdone it at times this weekend and have a bit of penance to take care of... But we had fun!
Better go - Lucas and Duke just tag-teamed and ripped open the costco bag of cat food. Great.

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