Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Poor Ethan - he thought he was being funny when he got himself lodged in there. He did get out, but not before a little bit of panicking. And a lot of laughing from me. We had a great night last night - even played a bit in the backyard. Lucas loved the slide until he went down face-first. He only cried for a minute, but wouldn't go back to it after that.
Today was super hectic as I had class all day in Boise (boring, boring class). I had to get them to daycare early, drive (fast) to downtown Boise, and then repeat tonight. Then we had to go get Lucas new amoxicillin because I mistakenly left it out this weekend and could tell that he wasn't feeling overly well again. When will it end? Now my throat is bugging me again, but I'm trying a different allergy med as I really think it's just that.
I'm sure I'll have big news soon - Ethan announced last night, "I wanna tell you something big that I'm working on. Shwow!" So when I figure out what he is saying, I'll let you know. Because it must be big!
Now the controversy - go to bed or try to catch up on schoolwork? The dogs just ate the rest of the edible playdough I was looking forward to. I guess I should be grateful. But yum! I am curious to see what the sugar high does to them.....
Off to at least pretend to do schoolwork! Or maybe even empty the dishwasher. Or just stare into space for a little while....

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