Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Another great trip to church and the zoo. Lots of animals were out sunbathing today - it was great! Ethan was concerned about the giraffes,"That's the mommy and the daddy. They can't find their baby." He always thinks the animals can't find their babies. Too much Diego? They're always in crisis!
Lucas loved the slide - going down with Daddy anyway. It's really fast, so I said no way to a solo trip. I'm sure he'd have loved it though- quite the daredevil.
And then it was time to say bye to Daddy. It went much better this time. No screaming, no tantrums. Just a "I want to go with daddy. I wish he could stay here." I said me too, and that was that. We even had a great evening - they ate their dinner, my dinner, and everything else in the house, took baths, watched a movie, and snuggled like crazy. I couldn't be much luckier.
We also stopped at Old Navy today because I have officially grown too small for my clothes again - hooray! So i am now down to a 1 digit size (8) for the first time since the middle of college. Crazy! I'm getting oh so close to my goal - less than 7 lbs to go.
Busy week I'm sure, but I feel like I'm entering it with a peaceful state of mind. I'm sure that'll only last for about a half hour, but for now, I'm soaking it up! (and making myself dinner #2 because mine was thieved!)

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