Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ethan made cookies for Liam and Ella today. All I did was measure the ingredients and pour them in, and he did all the rest. He's quite the little baker. And we walked down the street to deliver Liam's. I got to hold the little guy for a bit as well as Jess' other friend's little guy, Luke (3 months). Fun! Then Ethan decided he had to go potty- the kind that takes a long while. He sat on the toilet for a good long time serenading us and shreiking. Jess said the acoustics in there were good- I think she was right, he just enjoyed listening to himself.
Lucas spent the evening giggling at his daddy. No one can make him giggle like Brian. Brian's always had a thing with babies. I'm jealous!
This week is going too, too slow! I want our fabulous V-day weekend to be here with our friends and especially our Uma and Upa!

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