Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ethan got bit today. He got to take home his very own incident report. Of course, it doesn't say who did it, but the thing about 2 year olds- they love to tattle!
"Ethan, who bit you?"
"_______ bit me."
"Did he say he was sorry?"
"No, he not sorry."
"Did he have to go to time out?"
"Yeah, ______ time out. He crying."
"Is _______ your friend?"
"Yeah, ______ my friend."
And then he scampered off, grinning a mile wide. Oh, to be so forgiving!
This is especially funny to me, because a couple of months back, Ethan was the cause of two kids having to take their very own incident reports home. So you can't feel too bad for him....

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