Sunday, February 8, 2009


Before you rail me for taking my sick (though really not that sick today) baby outside- the doctor told me to! It's apparently just as good for the nasties in his chest to be in the cold air as in the steamy bathroom. So, we trekked to the park in the 40 degree air. Actually we had a great time. Ethan is a pro at the playset now, so Lucas and I just watched and giggled.

Lucas really did feel better today. Brian and Ethan went to church and Lucas slept the entire time they were gone! I got (almost) caught up on grades and some (not much) housework! He took another long nap this afternoon and has been in great spirits. I LOVE our electronic nasal aspirator! I really think that's why he's getting better so fast. (I am knocking on wood, don't worry.)
Ethan is in dire need of an "inside voice". He's developed this AWFUL habit of yelling everything he says in the house. As I look over all the capital words and exclamation points in this entry, maybe it's a family trait- he's doomed to be overly enthusiastic! Oh well.....

Here's to a fabulous Valentine's Day week! We're counting down the days until Uma and Upa get here, as well as a couple of friends I grew up with. It's going to be a fabulous weekend!

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