Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bedtime for all!

We are all exhausted. Poor Brian has to work, but the rest of us are going to bed! Ethan and Lucas had great fun at church. Ethan made a sheep in Sunday School and Lucas slept through service with me.
Ethan has a new trick. When he uses the potty, he can shoot a stream all the way across the room. He did it twice. Isn't that fabulous?! Once at home and once ALL OVER the bathroom at church. He also dumped his milk in my lap while we were Skyping with ktk and morgan. And then Lucas threw up on me (went a little overboard with the sweet potatoes). These pants should be burned, I think. Ahh, the joys of motherhood!
I got CPR certified today. I haven't been since 6th grade. My whole class was then, because our teacher had collapsed and a classmate giving him CPR saved his life. We were even on Rescue 911 and live on forever in reruns with our awful clothes and my huge glasses. I feel good to have had the refresher course. It puts me at ease with my own kiddos, both at school and home. I know I'd be able to do something, should an emergency occur. They've really simplified it in the last years too.
This week is short in kid hours, but oh so long in parent/teacher conference hours. I'll be all right, but I have to get some sleep to prepare!

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