Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Again!

We are surrounded by the dreaded pinkeye! Ethan woke up this morning and we knew pretty quick that he had it. He's never had it this bad before- there was no doubt. Lucas seemed fine, so we arranged things so I'd take Lucas to daycare and then Brian would bring Ethan to me at school at lunch and I'd get a sub for the afternoon.
Problem was, when I got to daycare, poor Lucas got rejected. Seemed his eyes had "bloomed" on the way over. I didn't have enough time to go home before I had to be at school, so I dragged Lucas with me until Brian and Ethan could come and get him- shouting "Don't touch- Pinkeye!" to any who came near. I think I made a lot of friends today (note the sarcasm).
It all went fine- I got some work done this afternoon and I am one set of papers away from being TOTALLY caught up! I don't know how I got so far behind, but ugh!
Lucas is just about 18 pounds now! Ethan is about 32. My boys are gigantic and I love them! Now I'm going to ignore the itching in my own eye (it's all mental, I'm sure) - and go to bed. This is not a good week to feel ucky!

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Sarah said...

Whenever someone comes in with pinkeye, head lice, or scabies.. I get itchy in the corresponding location. Psychosomatic symptoms are TERRIBLE! I hope you don't get the pink eye. Just remember.. wash your hands often AND don't itch!!