Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exhaustion Pie....

I'm just exhausted. I had great conferences- everyone was very supportive and helpful. I got lots done and saw just about everybody. So, a success.
Brian had some great Daddy time. He and the boys had fun. They came to visit me and shop at the book fair. Ethan had a great time picking out books (at 50% off, they were a great deal.) He got Diego, Backyardigans, and a Pixar book. He wore his "backapack" into school and every time I introduced him to someone, he'd turn around and stick it out. He was very proud of his Thomas backapack. I'm going to be so sad when he starts talking correctly! I love all the quirky words he says, though I'm sure I'll want him to grow out of it.
Tomorrow we snuggle and play and I try to gain back my sanity-fun!

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