Saturday, February 7, 2009

The highs, The lows...

Check out those chunky thighs!

Of course, now that we have his formula and all figured out, he got sick. Nasty cold. Grr... I'm disinfecting everything in sight. I don't want Ethan to get sick. But is it inevitable? I mean, Ethan was all over Lucas the last few days... And now, the jealousy is back because Lucas wants to be held ALL THE TIME. Today was an interesting day, for sure. But, near the end of the day, Lucas was doing really well-and he's already sleeping way better than last night! Fingers crossed, prayers up!

In other news, here's Ethan before the haircut (today) and after.... He put the headband on- loves that thing! Someday I will love showing him that picture!

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