Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ethan and I went skating tonight- so fun! A bunch of my kiddos were there and it was fun to see E interact with them. It was crazy because he doesn't need to hold my hand anymore. It freaked me out, but i had to let him do it on his own. The whole time i was in position, ready to catch him, but he caught himself... my little boy!! How do you let go? I can't!!

We were on the way to skate and I told Ethan we were going to go and get some money. He said, "Oh, call Upa?" I laughed really hard. Then we got to the bank and the ATM was out of order. Ethan said, "It not work? Need batteries? I have batteries at my home!" I laughed again. That kid cracks me up!

Lucas has taken to squealing. And he loves his daddy. He just laughs and laughs at Brian. I'm jealous, but I just don't have the same touch. It'll come. Ethan was a total daddy's boy for a long, long time. It's funny how he goes back and forth.

I had such a great weekend, I'm now exhausted. Back to that "fall asleep in your mashed potatoes" sleepy... And so the papers sit for yet another night.... oh well....

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