Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blockin' it all out!

It's hard to see (bad lighting) but Lucas dragged his hat around to cover his eyes and fell asleep in his carseat. I guess the world was too much for him.

And the boy loves squash! He finished his oatmeal today and was still looking hungry, so I broke out the squash. It was a hit as you can see from his squash mustache. I picked squash because it kind of seems halfway between a fruit and a vegetable. (I do realize it's a vegetable, but it is sweet. Wait, it is a vegetable, right?)

Ethan's learned that Kenya is no longer the biggest threat to his food. If he leaves it, I have a mean habit of taking a bite. So today at Costco, he had to go to the bathroom. Brian took him and he was yelling across the store- Mommy don't eat it! Mommy don't eat it! Brian said he was even yelling it as he was going potty, in the bathroom. Whoops.

This full moon is killing me! Full moon, Valentine's Day week, and Friday the 13th. Aaargh!


ketchumfamily said...

Katie - you are so good about leaving comments on our blog, and I'm horrible at leaving them on your blog!

The boys are adorable and growing so fast! I love the pictures of each of them at the same age. They really do have a lot of similarities!

The Costco story is fantastic - more than once, one of our girls has come back from the bathroom to the dinner table to find that Ryan has cleaned off their plate!

Love you, Angie

katieanne said...

Ha! That's hilarious. I think I'd like that guy, if I knew him! I miss you terribly at school!!!