Monday, February 16, 2009

So much fun... Back to work....

We had so much with my parents. I'm sad that they're leaving tomorrow- but oh so happy they came! Ethan and Lucas both loved their time with them. Lucas is all of a sudden a real little guy with a real little personality. It's crazy how he's kind of seemed in the background and now he's taking over! He squealed and squawked so much this weekend. It was so much fun.
Yesterday we went to church and then over to Uma and Upa's hotel. We ate at Fuddruckers (don't ask Ethan to say that name) and then swimming!!! Ethan loved, loved, loved the water and I think Lucas had fun too. We were all exhausted by the end of it though and came home to snuggle and play.
Today we played at the park, went grocery shopping, watched movies and played, played, played. Ethan and Uma made cookies for Brian and we took them to Papa J's. We had a fabulous dinner and a great time goofing off afterwards.

I'm so not ready for work tomorrow. Ugh- but it'll be fine once I'm there. What a fabulous weekend! I even got a brand new toy! - a mini laptop, so Brian and I don't have to share the computer anymore. We decided it was cheaper than therapy. Ha! I love it. So tiny and light. I just keep opening random things by accident. I'll get used to it.... fun!


krissyranae said...

I got a mini this weekend too! Aren't they fun?

Sarah said...

What a fun laptop giving weekend!!