Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I realize it's a day early- but this is when Brian and I got engaged 7 years ago, and so we've always counted this as V-day. I have some beautiful flowers sitting on the counter to celebrate! Ethan loved his party and brought home all sorts of goodies - as did I! Too much candy!

Tomorrow, we start the day with a Valentine's breakfast with a bunch of my friends from growing up. I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures of all of the babies playing together. Crazy how we've grown up! Then the boys and I are off to the airport to get Uma and Upa!!! We are so excited!
Lucas' head now has a nice bruise on it. Ethan was playing with him in his jumper and swung him into the door. Oops. I feel as though we're going to see a lot of this over the years.....

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