Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Highlights

What a fun birthday! Ethan loved it and was so excited when he realized that all the presents (except one) were for him! He tried to pass them all out, but was more than happy to just keep them :) Uma and Upa did send him a gift to give to Lucas - and he was so excited that now Lucas has a "same hat". They are so stinkin' cute... He also got some really cute clothes from them that he insisted on wearing right away.
Ethan took cupcakes and "treat bags" to his daycare with stickers and M &Ms. All the kids were thrilled and I could tell he felt like a king! They did a great job of making the day special for him.

When he got home, he got to open a couple more gifts - including his favorite thing- money!

Grammy and Grandpa got him this really cool talking/walking dinosaur. I think he was a little scared of it at first. He'd push the button and then run behind one of us or behind the couch to watch. But now, Spike Jr. growls and laughs and stomps all day long :) No fear necessary!

E's Auntie Angie and Uncle Nick sent a piggy bank that Angie painted and some quarters to go in it. He loves it! He keeps putting money in it and then giving it a little shake- too cute! I think he might have more money in the bank than we do! (I am just kidding, don't worry...)
I've been pretty sick- recovering from the pinkeye and then some nasty allergies turned sinus infection. I think I might be on the mend, but am still sounding pretty bad... My mother refuses to talk to me- in hopes of saving my voice...
Tomorrow we're having a BBQ with friends to celebrate Ethan's birthday - where we'll do the whole cake and candles bit. Time to clean! If any of you out in blog-land will be around, shoot me an email ( and I'll give you all the specs on the shin-dig. We're going real sophisticated- Ethan has requested hot dogs with black cake and black frosting. Hopefully it's going to be nice outside, but regardless, we'll have fun!
I'm off to tape my mouth shut- the only way to keep me from talking!

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