Friday, May 8, 2009

A trip to the park... and then some....

We were headed to the park (after a short stop at the McConnel's to snuggle on Liam). Upon arriving, we saw that the school carnival was underway and so we went back to grab some money and headed over. Ethan especially liked the train ride, but told me he liked the fishing game the best. He got lots of suckers and temporary tatoos. Our favorite.
Ethan and Lucas had a great time and I was proud of myself for maneuvering it solo. Of course, the pride disappeared when we got home and I realized Lucas was wet. Really wet. Like he soaked his clothes and the stroller. He was also covered in the chicken and stars I fed him at the park. Oops. But, we got him cleaned up and Ethan entertained him with Peek-a-Boo while I got things cleaned up and ready for bed. Lucas laughs and laughs. It's his favorite game, for sure. Then we put him on the floor and he got on his hands and knees (ok, i helped a little) and rocked back and forth - a first step on the developmental path toward crawling!! He only lasted a few minutes, but it was very exciting. Come on little crawler! Of course, once he can crawl, life will get a bit more difficult... I know I'll regret wanting it to come.
Ethan played with the camera a bit. He's a real artiste! We really had fun tonight. I needed that. No one went to time out and we just played and laughed and smiled and giggled. We all need those days!

The boys went to bed and despite how tired I was, I did day three of the 30 Day Shred workout. My arms might fall off and my legs may be numb, but I can tell I'm getting stronger already. And, I have energy now, which I did not before the workout. A good thing, I think. This weekend is all about relaxing and playing with my cute boys! That's my perfect Mother's Day!

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