Sunday, May 3, 2009

The End of the Weekend....

We had a great time last night! We had lots of friends and "family" over to celebrate Ethan's birthday. He loved showing Peyton all of his toys and loved opening his presents from our kind, kind friends. We all had a great time chatting, playing with babies, and catching up.
At the end of the night- Ethan and Peyton lined up about 50 toys in a straight line going across the floor- it was too funny! Toddler work is hard work! Liam and Ella met for the first time and Liam was in absolute love with her! Who wouldn't be, she's adorable! But still, he just giggled and smiled and flirted. Of course, those pictures aren't uploading for some reason.

And as we well know, a fun night means a somewhat torturous morning. Ethan decided he was a rockstar- even gelled up his hair and rocked out on stage! Our church service was great and then we went home just to relax for awhile. I even got to read a Stephanie Plum novel!

Ethan and Lucas had great fun playing on the sink while I cleaned out the 2 inch deep layer of baby soap that had spilled on the bottom of the tub, so they could take a bath ( a whole lot of bubbles, I'm telling you!) I suppose I should have known that the above scene would have ended with toothpaste all over Lucas' hair, but it wasn't too bad- and he didn't mind! He seems just to be happy when Ethan plays with him. And I suppose I should have known that the event would end in Lucas shrieking as Ethan doused him with cold water, but he did laugh too.
This week is busy. The end of the year always is. My hope is that we continue to get healthier and stay sane. At least the house is pretty clean!

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Todd & Jess McConnel said...

dang I really want to see those pictures!