Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary to Us...

Anniversary '09 (Our 6th)

This year, for our anniversary, we decided a little (by little I mean 1 night) vacation was in order. We made reservations at the Ashley Inn in Cascade for Sunday night and packed up the boys and all their tons of gear. There was a whole lot for a one night stay!

Our first stop was for lunch after church. We went to a great pizza place, Lucky 13 and ate up some delicious pizza. Lucas especially loved the breadsticks and throwing everything on the ground (a new hobby!). The picture above (of the two of us) shows off Ethan's budding talent as a photographer.

Lucas loved our big bed. We couldn't leave him on it for long, because he is trying so very hard to crawl that he throws his body forward all the time. Kind of dangerous, so he spend most of his time on the floor or in the pack and play. He was very comfy cuddling up there though.

Ethan LOVED that he had his very own bed. He refused to let me lay with him on it and spent hours rearranging his "new pillows". Bedtime was a long process, but we finally got there by all of us going to bed at 9. (Except for Brian who used the laptop as a nightlight so he could read under the covers.)

We also spent a lot of time in here, in our room. The tub had jets and colored lights. It was too cool! We brought some splash balls to play with and just hung out. At first Ethan was scared of the bubbles, but he got over it. It was nice to get to be in a hot tub and not have to share with a bunch of other people- also nice to keep it cool enough that the boys could go in.

Of course, that doesn't mean that we didn't spend our fair share of time in the big pool (big is relative here). And the elevator to get there was a hit too.

Ethan and Lucas loved the water. I loved it too, when I looked up how many calories you burn even leisurely swimming. Most of the time we had the pool to ourselves, and we "swam" back and forth. Ethan became an expert at jumping in, and Lucas even put his face in the water (until I figured out that I hadn't blown up the floatie thing right).

Dinner was delicious. They had a BBQ dinner right at the hotel for pretty cheap and it included a brownie sundae bar or ice cream cones for dessert. Ethan really liked the cone.
Like, more than a little bit. At 8 pm, I gathered up Ethan (in jammies, with blankie) and headed down to get fresh cookies and milk. Delicisou! Breakfast was also delicious. Lucas' favorite was the yogurt and the waffles. Ethan's - the waffles of course. I loved the biscuits and gravy (though limited myself) and Brian ate EVERYTHING. And there was a lot.
Before we left, we went swimming again (where the camera died) and poor Lucas was not a fan of other kids jumping into the pool. It scared him when they splashed and so we just cuddled. After Ethan had his fill, we went up to the room and all piled into the jacuzzi tub (I told you it was big!) for a soak.
We checked out and headed a little further out to McCall to eat at the famous Pancake House. YUM. We loved it all and despite everyone being somewhat exhausted, it went really well.
The ride home, not so fun. Ethan had to go to the bathroom so many times, and Lucas just did not want to be in his seat, but it's not far, so we survived. And it really was a blast.
I think we may have a new tradition. A great way to spend our anniversary- falling in love with our little family all over again...


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

I love this idea! Pat and I have our big 10 year although on a limited budget - always tough to do too much. We might have to steal your idea! Lucky 13 is one of our fav's too! Happy 6th Anniversary!

McConnels said...

YAY! Sounds awesome.. glad you guys did it! The pic of Lucas in the towel is adorable!! And Ethan did a good job with his pictures :)