Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

A fabulous weekend.... Lucas is just opening up into his own little person! I love it! Saturday seems like forever ago- we went to IHOP for breakfast and then to the store, home for naps, and then back out to Target. Busy, but Ethan was just a good boy!
Then it was dinner at the McConnel's - so much fun!
Lucas refused to eat- wanted to watch Liam wherever he was instead. He so badly wants to be in the middle of everything. I hope he starts crawling soon! Not because it'll make my life easier- I know it won't, but because he so wants to be mobile! He hates when all the action leaves the room.

Liam practiced standing. And I practiced my camera tricks :)

Lucas tried to steal Liam's socks. He loved it until the socks let go of the feet and he flew backward - hated that!

Then we all headed to the park for Liam's first swinging. Too fun! He was just chillin' in his swing, while Lucas was shrieking at everyone. Ethan went up, down and all around the play equipment.

And today, a fabulous Mother's Day! Not only was my niece born, see earlier post, but the boys made it a great day. Brian had them make hand and foot prints to give me, got me a book, and let me stay in bed until 8! Ethan helped by dressing himself- the picture almost captures it- but add the Wall-E sweatshirt and the Thomas backpack. He was adorable. We went to church and then to a park to play in the sun. It was gorgeous! Lucas fell asleep on the way back and so I stayed in the car with him and read and snoozed- a fabulous day! Tonight we went to Costco for the $1.25 frozen yogurt while Brian worked. Now I'm exhausted, but have worked out and am ready to catch up on some tv! A fabulously fabulous weekend.

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