Monday, May 18, 2009


I'll have to do the library pictures tomorrow. I don't know where I put the camera and my legs are wobbling from my workout, so I don't feel like getting up to find it.
But, I will say that it was like Christmas at school today. Too fun to watch everybody see the changes and comment. We were well appreciated and it was great. Kids were peeking into the library all day long and there was definitely a more relaxed atmosphere in the lounge. Great times! It felt good to do something for other people just for the heck of it.
The boys were in great spirits tonight. We BBQ'd hot dogs (a chicken burger for me) and ate grapes and corn. Lucas squealed and squawked. And I figured something out.

Lucas barks.

Everytime Kenya barks, Lucas barks back. I swear it's true. I realized it outside. Do you think he can talk to animals? Or is he just confused as the animals:human ratio is 1:1. It reminds me of a letter my dad wrote from Ethan to us right before we had the big ultrasound. It was so funny, talking about some of the confusion that might occur growing up in a family of animals. I loved it! He'll figure it out, right?
And another thing- Lucas rolled over from back to stomach for the second time. In his crib for the second time. We have yet to see him do this, yet he must be able to. The boy is a mystery. A cute one though- and you should have seen his arms in his sleeveless shirt- little muscle man!
Tomorrow there will be pictures. It is Ethan's program for his music class (I am so excited!!) and then McD's (half price happy meals) and then Skate Night at the RollerDrome. I better get some sleep tonight :)

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