Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Big....

He loves to stand. And, like his brother, he loves to destroy things... His brother, Ethan, went to the store with me after daycare today. I saw a mom that I loved from my old school and we were talking and I looked down, and Ethan had ripped off all the can labels. Fabulous. He made everyone around us laugh though, so at least that's something! He looked so cute today, all dressed up for pictures. I hate how long you have to wait to see them! Lucas got freaked out by the picture lady and the only way they got him calmed down was to have his teacher come out and hold him. So she was in the pictures too, but you can't see her. I think it's funny! What a great teacher though- she adores him and he just loves her.
Lucas ate corn and diced fruit today- so exciting!! I cannot wait to stop buying baby food!! The end is near!!
Is it the weekend yet? I mean, this weekend is going to be busy, but still... Is it here yet?

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Sarah said...

Wow.. see Lucas is standing. Jesse can't do that on his own yet! Your boys are so cute! It was great seeing you yesterday. We should get together soon!