Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Maddie (Ok, so she's not really mine....)

Another pic of my adorable niece. She is so cute. I mean, the picture is just funny, but she is a cutie! I so wish I could hop on a plane to Boston to see her!
My boys are doing great! Lucas and Brian spent the night playing while Ethan and I ran to the All City Track Meet. I had three kids that made it that far and I could not have been prouder of them. They are great kids and also took turns watching Ethan while I called the 5th place runners. Ethan LOVED playing on the track, did a half lap while I chased him, and went out in the middle and danced for the crowd. The boy loves to put on a show!!
I'm busy getting ready for our big church event this weekend- Church Without Walls. Rather than meeting as a congregation, we are going out and doing different service projects around the valley. I am leading one at my school, to fix up the library. It's just kind of a dusty, dirty, falling apart mess and so we are going to clean, clean, clean, and then hopefully do some redecorating. I'm really excited about it - not only will our kids just love it, but all the staff will to. I love that Mark (our pastor) is helping us to live out our faith rather than just speak it. Anyone out there who'd like to be a part of the project, email me, and I'll hook you up! (
In other news, Brian and I (well, not Brian every night) have done the Jillian Michael's workout 8 nights in a row. I'd like to say that the scale was pleased with that, but nothing yet. I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger though, so my fingers are crossed. Brian is not dropping weight- and we all know that's a good thing - but is doing much to boost my motivation by doing it with me. He really is a great guy!
Enough of all of that, I'm off to get lost in a book i'm borrowing from a student, Magyk - fabulous!!

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