Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tonight was a fiesta at church! We went to a party/fundraiser for the Africa trip several of our people are going to this summer. It was a lot of fun and made more so because our good friends, the Coates, were there. Lucas loved watching all the fun and taking it in. He was giggling, bouncing, squealing, and trying to steal the enchiladas off my plate.Ethan and Peyton waited oh so patiently for the little kids' turn on the inflatable bouncehouse/slide. It is funny that as they get older- they get rougher with each other and love every minute of it! Of course the night did end with Ethan giving Peyton a bloody nose, but hey, they're boys, right? And really, it was the stegasaurus that actually went up Peyton's nose, so can Ethan really be to blame? (I am totally kidding, I hope you all realize :))
They went up and over that slide so many times I thought the poor lady helping them was going to fall over. They loved flying down the slide into the multitudes of other children.

Addie can sit so well now! She and Lucas made eyes at each other, but with them both having such nutty older brothers, they like to just sit back and watch. Plenty of entertainment!
It is just so great for Ethan to have a best friend. Crazy to think that we forced them on each other from the womb on and yet they are so happy to see each other every time. Good friends. Good times.
It's been a crazy week all ready. Last night was the 4th/5th grade track meet and I was out cheering on my kids in the 50 degree weather with lots of wind and crazy rain. I was so proud of my kids- persevering in that awful weather. My boss gave me a plastic trash bag to wear- I looked great!
Speaking of my boss- it's teacher appreciation week... He and our building admin showed up today in class in chefs outfits with a violin, singing horribly out of tune, with a delicious chocolate pastry. It was great- the kids loved it, I loved it. It really is great working for those guys. Such generous, giving people. And big dorks to boot. I love it!
And I suppose I should mention the gorgeous roses Brian brought home for me today. Sigh. They are beautiful. So all in all - a good week so far.

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