Monday, March 23, 2009

4 little monkeys...

I just love his eyes. Both boys have such gorgeous eyes. The day started early- at 5:30 to be exact. I yelled at Ethan to "come here" thinking he'd climb into bed with me and sleep a little longer but he ran upstairs to see everybody else (getting ready for school). Getting up that early means fussy, fussy, cranky, cranky. But we survived, running to McD's for some coffee and play time on their play structure.

We came home, ate, napped, and made a fort. Ethan loved building it and then even got to call his favortie characters from Bob the Builder (who was actually Brian on the phone using different voices.) It was hilarious. Lucas just shrieked and giggled along with us as we sang songs and made up stories. I even got to be Lofty for a while. I was sure he'd make me Muck, but I was in luck! Lucas was a big fan!

Then tonight, we got together with Jess and another friend who lives here, Missy- with her adorable little girl, Jillian. Jillian followed Ethan everywhere and just giggled at everything he did. It was really funny. He wasn't too sure, but once he figured out how to make her laugh, he was in love- not that he wanted to share with her, but you know.... It was really great to catch up and watch the little monkeys interact.

So we came home way after bedtime, but Ethan still insisted on having a dance party. So, we all danced around the living room to the music of Dancing With the Stars. It's good to see him so.... assertive...(is that just another word for bossy?) So much fun!

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