Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Schmaylight....

Babies just don't get the whole daylight savings thing. Nor does my head. So I am praying and hoping that the boys stay asleep and I can go to sleep! So much to do this week! We had a fun weekend- filled with lots of fun with Jess, Todd and Liam. We're so lucky to have them so close. The boys are interacting more and more- Lucas did his best to steal Liam's pacifier! We played "The Office" trivia game and Ethan even played along. Ha!

Tonight was one of those nights when I'm exhausted and every thing just kept piling up. As I finally got Lucas eating (he had a tummy ache and wanted none of it) I heard from the bathroom "I need wipes!" Ethan had gone to the bathroom all by himself- great, right? I went in and I could smell something flowery like lotion. Ethan had put "lotion" all over his legs and arms. Of course it wasn't lotion- it was soap. So - another bath. 2 in one day- might be a new record! But, they're off to bed and happily asleep- I hope! It was a really fun weekend... But now I might need another one to catch up!

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