Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Scene: Heading into the WalMart parking lot, Ethan gazes out the window.

Ethan: Mom.. I put those trees in my mouth.

Me: What? Those trees?

Ethan: Yeah, I put those trees in my mouth. I crack them.

Me: You crack them?

Ethan: Yeah, I crack them. In my mouth.

I looked at the bushes he was talking about. Makes no sense to me, but hey, at least he's imaginative? I have no clue what he was really talking about. It was funny though!
We had a quiet evening - Lucas ate like one big piggie! He loves peas :) And he loves Cheerios. But who doesn't? It's in his genes.
I don't have any pictures because I left the cord for the camera at school- grr! So, tomorrow, I promise. Lucas just seems to be changing and growing every single day. And By The Way... his girlfriend at daycare, Claire (1 month older and his very best friend) hasn't rolled over either. They apparently have started a club together against us mommies that want them to ROLL OVER! Could he be stubborn? No.... not my child!

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