Monday, March 30, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

After work (which, for me, was a fabulous day of getting organized and getting ready before kids return tomorrow) I picked up the boys and we decided it was a day to visit the park.... I cannot wait until every day is so nice and sunny, though I know I'll be eating my words when it's stinkin' hot out there :)
Lucas and I had a little chat about life while Ethan played. He's a good listener!

Brian joined us when he got off of work. He took Lucas down the slide for the very first time.

Which, of course, made Ethan jealous, so he took his own ride on daddy's lap.

We had a very healthy dinner. I took an old favorite, Swedish Meatballs and Rice, and healthed it up a bit - lowfat milk, ground turkey, brown rice... Not a big hit... The boys just glared at me... though Ethan did end up eating all his "chicken nuggets" (the turkey meatballs) so he could have a biscuit after dinner. Where do you find the balance between healthy and yummy to a 2 year old? And when does he learn that it's not okay to announce to us, "I DON"T LIKE IT." Makes my heart warm....

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Pat & Valerie Berg said...

I'm jealous you can get home early enough to enjoy a park with your kiddos! I have to start doing that better! But then again, I'm waiting for the weather to get better. :)