Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ethan and I leave the room at dinner, so Ethan can use the potty, leaving Lucas alone. Ethan starts screaming (LOUDLY) as soon as we leave, until we get back.
"Ethan, why do you think Lucas was crying?"
"He saw my tiger."
"Your tiger? You have a tiger? Where is your tiger?"
"My tiger, my friend. My tiger at the airport. He come to see me."
"You have a tiger at the airport? Where did he come from?"
"He came from the green."
"From the green? Who is he going to see next? Is he going to see Upa?"
"No, Upa have another one tiger. Upa tiger his friend another one."
"And Lucas saw your tiger, was he scared?"
And that was the end of the conversation... Ethan stuffs his face with spaghetti.

Pictures from our Last Weekend of Spring Break
See, we did color! And colored... and colored...

Ethan discovered that Lucas adores him and ate it up! He read to him, sang songs, tickled, and played. It was so much fun to see. I HATE his babytalk voice though. His pitch goes up three octaves and he slurs all his words together. I'm assuming he's imitating me.... great....

Lucas was fussy, but Diego saved the day... not quite the way he usually does....

Kenya (our dog) was nice enough to share her ball. She just kept bringing the ball back to him, then getting mad that he wouldn't throw it. Rewind and repeat....

After some meds, he practiced his rolling over. He only did it once on his own, but we'll take it.

He's 7 months old and so photogenic!! I'm getting better with the camera too...

They took a bath together and absolutely refused to get out. They had fun splashing and chewing and giggling and squealing. It was a good "brothers" weekend.
Tomorrow is back to work. I'm excited in a way- which is great! But, I'll miss the boys, I'm sure. 2 more months and the summer starts! Exciting!

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