Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today was one of those days that just never quits. It started last night- that fabulous Claritin I took - kept me up from 11:40-2:45. Then I woke up every hour or so for a few minutes. Awful! Ethan slept really well so I though, well, at least there's that. But when he woke up and came to the potty he said, "Mommy, my eye's owie. I go doctor office." Yep, pinkeye again. We decided to keep Lucas home too- to avoid repeating the humiliation again. L still shows no signs, but I figure it's inevitable.
So I canceled dinner with the McConnels (so sad!) as to not infect poor Liam, and headed off to school. I got there and realized - no keys. I walked around until I found someone to let me in. I went to a meeting that went way too long, making me late into the classroom, and continued with my day - which on 4 hours of sleep was not so easy. It was a rough day all around - so rough in fact, I forgot to eat. I thought I was dizzy from the no sleep thing and totally never even thought about eating. I told you I was tired.
I got home and things started to improve. Ethan was running around everywhere (obviously feeling great) and Lucas had lots of smiles for me. My wonderful, fabulous husband ignored all my rantings and got the boys to bed. What would I do without him?! I'm watching the Office and then off to bed- hoping that my allergies will be all right for the night and I'll try the Claritin again in the morning. No kids tomorrow, but lots and lots of meetings. Our principals are making us pancakes for breakfast though, so I'm all right! Hopefully the boys will continue to get better and this week will all be behind us!

PS - Totally cute- in the car, Ethan insisted on pulling the seatbelt over him. He just kept saying, over and over, "I got my pleatbelt!"

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