Saturday, March 28, 2009

A month?

I am too exhausted to upload pictures (not that I took any great ones today). Ethan and I just returned from a marathon shopping trip. It was my goal to get the majority of the food we'd need for a month. Just all the boxed and frozen stuff- including Lucas' formula. We spent exactly half of April's budget (yes, I know it's not even April yet) but I counted meals and we have at least 30 meals- so I may have overshot a bit.. Ethan helped me out a lot- announcing to the store at the checkout line "You have too much mommy... too many foods..." As if the people behind me weren't glaring enough about the amount of food I put up there, then I pulled out the 20 coupons I printed from (fabulous!). We made it out in one piece and came home and Ethan so fervently put everything away. Then I "re" put it away. I mean, the noodles really can't stay in the fridge, right?
Lucas is a total fusser. He is just miserable- only up for about an hour at a time before he has to go back down because he is so tired. He did eat a lot more today- though not normal- so maybe we're on the upswing? It's hard to see him in pain and not be able to do anything about it - poor guy!
And by the way... Ethan and I colored today- we colored and colored and colored. We kept the TV off all day and had a great time doing everything else. A good lesson for mommy....


Amber said...

Wow Katie! How do you come up with 30 meal ideas??! I need some help!

Nick and Angie Piazzese said...

Hey Katie! Did you sign up for an account with or do you just get the coupons off the home page? Just wondering if you really do get more savings with a membership.