Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Big Day...

I picked Ethan up from daycare and you know what was hanging from his coat hook? A birthday party invitation for his classmate Savanna. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He wanted to go go go... I tried to explain that it wasn't until the 11th, but it was a no go.
"No go home mommy, go vanna's berfday party."
"It's not time for her party yet- not for 11 more days."
"We can't go now, they aren't ready yet."
"NO MOMMY. I wanna go vanna's party now. No wait, NOW!"

And the tantrums continued. We got home and I pulled down the calendar and tried to explain. Didn't work. Then we used the words "11 more sleeps" and I think, just maybe, he got it! Or maybe tomorrow he'll wake up and the tears will start again. So many tears when you are 2 going on 3.
And so it begins. Ethan's budding social life takes a big step. I think, in fact, it is now more exciting than mine. Maybe I'll meet some nice moms at the party? I do have to go with him, right? And I do have to go pick out a present. What do little girls this age love? She's a cute girl. OK, I lie. She screams when her mom puts her in the car and she reminds me a lot of a character from Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. But, she invited Ethan to her party and for that- I love her!

PS - Lucas had an absolutely fabulous day - but has already woken up MANY, MANY times tonight.... Manipulation? Teething? Nightmares? How does one know?

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Todd & Jess McConnel said...

your p.s. sounds like me!