Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going Higher~ Going Up~ Going Down~

Sometimes, things just work out so perfectly. This wonderful woman (turned out to be a teacher who is best friends with someone I teach with) sat next to Ethan on the plane and the two of them entertained each other for the entire flight. Ethan never stopped talking. He read his books to her and told her all about everything. He said the phrases going higher, going up, going down now, so many times that we all were reciting them by the end.
Liam slept and slept. Lucas jumped and jumped. Ethan talked and talked. We all survived and it wasn't so bad.

And then we got to see our Nana. Lucas just LOVED sitting in her lap and trying to jump off. The boy loves to jump. He won't roll still. But he oh so loves to jump. He and Ethan both loved visiting. Ethan was intrigued by the fish tank (keep in mind he took the photo...)

And then we went back to "The Park" (my parents' house) and played and giggled and then, finally at 6 pm, I put them to bed. It's always a guessing game as to when I should put them down. I mean, at home, they are in bed by 7 just about every night and sleep pretty darn well for the next 12 hours. So do I try and adjust them to the 1 hour time change? Do I try to keep them up late in hopes that they'll sleep in (though they never do)? Tonight, my own exhaustion made the decision for me- that and Lucas yawning. So Uma (my mom) took care of the bedtime stories and the boys went down pretty darn well. At 6 pm. Should I feel guilty?

I'm so excited to take the boys to my old church tomorrow. Hopefully Ethan will go to Sunday School and Lucas will be quiet. Yeah right... What am I thinking? He is NEVER quiet anymore. He shrieks and growls and screams and squawks. Did Ethan do this? I really don't remember it, but I suppose that doesn't mean anything - I don't remember a lot... Thus, the wonder of the blog!


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

How fun you're away? Where is home for you?

katieanne said...

Love you guys! Missyou.