Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our trip...

We played and played. Upa and Lucas had a good time dancing and snuggling.
Tuesday, my Aunt Chris came over with Nana to play. Lucas absolutely loved Aunt Chris. He giggled and bounced and giggled - fun!
Then we headed over to some good friends of mine- the Groulikes. I babysat for them for years and years. The oldest, Jill was four when I first started, Brent was 2, and Laurie was just born. Spencer was born a while later and now they are so big and grown up! It was fun to catch up with Janet and to see Scott, Laurie and Spencer too. I'm pretty lucky to have them! Ethan loved it there- played with lots of cars, trains, and watched cartoons. He was in little boy heaven! He and Janet even built houses out of lincoln logs.
After that, we headed to Bainbridge to pick up my dad. Problem was, Lucas threw up all over the car on the way. So it was a brief visit to Upa's school, so we could go home and mop Lucas up (and dissassemble the car seat, all covered in nasty.) But, he seemed to do fine after that- so we pressed on.
Wednesday... We started the day at the Silverdale Mall kiddie playground. Lucas loved watching all the kids and Ethan loved exploring and making new friends.
Mommy loved making Ethan run down the mall corridors, trying to get out some of the crazy energy that boy has pent up. We went over to Uma's school and Lucas giggled and smiled and entertained all the kiddos. Ethan threw a gigantic fit when we couldn't find Mickey's clubhouse on line. The 6th graders loved that- they could really identify. I finally found it and mom's kiddos wrote their rough drafts with Mickey singing in the background. Then Ethan got invited over to the science class to watch a movie about cows pooping and collecting methane gas.

Lucas wasn't eating, so I thought the ear infection was back, so I took him in. No infections and he had such a good time playing with the paper on the bed. He was laughing and made me look like an idiot saying he was grumpy. So I figured the grumpiness was due to teething (note- you probably put together the throwing up and grumpiness, but sadly, I did not...)
We came back and I took Ethan out to look for new shoes. I told him we were going on a date and he said, "I love you Mommy." and gave me a big hug. *sigh*

We played all night and Uma was so sad that we were leaving the next day, but the boys were so nutty, that we all were ready for bed. I woke up at 3:30 to the sound of Lucas getting sick - all over himself and the bed. So I undressed him and wrapped him in a blanket thinking we'd go back to sleep... not so much. He was sick all over the place, from both ends. Ugh!! I woke up my parents and they helped me. The airplane flights (yes, I somehow picked a flight with a stop in Spokanne - stupid) went fine, though Ethan decided he had to use the bathroom, so I just strapped Lucas into the seat, like a big boy, while I wrangled Ethan. We don't both fit in the bathroom, so I'm hanging out in the aisle and everyone near is hearing Ethan yell "Pee-pees coming Mommy!" They enjoyed it thoroughly. We are such good entertainment in public.
The boys were thrilled to see their daddy and so was I. I locked myself in the bathroom, taking a bath and catching up on Desperate Housewives for three hours. I may be a prune now, but I'm regaining sanity. The boys are in bed and all is well (the throwing up and other stuff stopped, though he's still not eating much). And if there's a cry tonight- I don't have to answer it!!!!
The End (to my novel....)

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