Friday, March 27, 2009

The Best Parenting Advice?

Missy, from is asking....

What's the best parenting advice you've been given?

"Ethan, what makes a mommy a good mommy?"
"Einsteins!" (we are currently downloading an episode from Itunes he fell in love with at my parents).
"What else? What do you like mommy to do?"
"Color me." (he leaves out the word with... he doesn't actually mean color him, although he'd probably love it...)
"What else?"
"Cut yours hairs. Snap, snap, snap."
"You want to cut my hair?"
"Yep, snap, snap, snap......" and off he went in search of scissors... note to self, hide all real scissors...

As to the best advice I've gotten (besides from the two year old)... It's the same advice I got as a teacher- You can't be perfect. You can do your best, work really hard, make the world a better place, but you CAN'T be perfect. And you can't get down on yourself when you're not. Learn to laugh at yourself and you'll be a much happier mommy. Like when you realize you just drove to a baseball game an hour from home with no bottle, no formula, no brain, apparently. You can lose your mind, or you can laugh. I choose laughing!

I try to teach my students this every year too. Don't take yourself so seriously. You're going to screw up, you're going to fall down. Laugh it off and keep moving....


Colored With Memories said...

i love his advice...too funny!

yours is good too :)

Todd & Jess McConnel said...

ahaha "snap, snap, snap"... classic ethan.

Sarah said...

I reslly needed to hear this! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

That is excellent advice...and your children are breathtaking. Oh my...can I eat them up????


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I seriously think that God gave me so many kids so fast to combat my Supermom Syndrome. My definition of Supermom QUICKLY deteriorated from what it was when I was pregnant with my first!! Now, if we all made it through the day alive, Three Cheers for Supermom!!