Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's Roll...

What fabulous fun we are having. We miss Daddy so much, but are keeping very busy. We went to church this morning at my old haunting ground. It was great to see so many people that I haven't seen in years, but still recognize and love me. That is a family! Ethan wasn't too impressed by meeting so many people. At one point he layed himself flat on the floor behind me and would only speak in grunts- real impressive!

We got lots of cuddle time with Upa and Uma today! Ethan helped in the garden- even planted Uma herself! Lucas snuggled and giggled and shrieked. We all played hard.
After naps (and mommy's extended trip to do a little fun reading at Starbuck's) Nana came over and Ethan dyed Easter eggs - too fun! He loved mixing the colors, but was not too happy about his dyed hands. He told me he couldn't eat pizza because "my hands too dirty."

And the biggest news of all - LUCAS FINALLY ROLLED OVER!!!! My mom "scaffolded" (an education word for helping/cheating) him until he figured it out. The video is the first time he actually did it. You'll have to excuse us screaming in the background- we were excited. Sad that Daddy wasn't here, but happy that Nana and Uma and Upa were. He rolled five or six times and then decided NO MORE OF THAT. But, I'm sure once he gets some sleep, he'll be all over it. How exciting! This place IS magical!

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Todd & Jess McConnel said...

OH MY WORD!! What in the world is that about!!! (the rolling over I mean - that's just crazy!)