Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am going to HATE it when Ethan loses all of his quirky words. I love "pidzza" (both the food and the word). Tonight flew by with the boys. Ethan wore Brian's shirt around- very cool in Star Wars gear... but then he was doing his "pretty pretty princess dance" - kind of ruined the "coolness" for brian. I laughed a lot.

There's a storm coming. I can feel it in my nose, but mostly I could tell from my class. I swear, they are little barometers. Weird stuff. They are such a creative group of kids- which also means they don't sit real still on a normal day. Add the storm, and me losing my voice, and I'm exhausted.

We've been letting Lucas fuss a bit when he wakes up at night and it seems to be working well. He's slept really well- Yippee! And, while I'm cheering the boy on- he can sit by himself for a really long time now! And his hair is totally growing in.

I can't even make sense of much of my thoughts tonight. Ugh. I need to go ride the bike and go to bed.

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