Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grilling Pizza...

Another fabulous dinner at the McConnels tonight. We grilled pizzas for dinner (a favorite) and then had strawberry shortcake for dessert. The boys were hilarious- except for at one point when all three were crying at the same time. That gets to you. Lucas fell asleep and I got to hold him for a very long time. I miss that so much! Then he woke up screaming- and wouldn't calm down until Brian held him- figures :)
We were all ready to go tonight and Ethan disappeared. We figured out he was going potty, so left him alone. Stupid. When Brian got in there, he had once again covered himself in the bath soap- gross! So, he got a bath and we were late. And he loved every second.
Tomorrow is my last day until Spring Break! Hallelujah! We had a great (well, not exactly stellar) Science Fair today and I'm ready!

Brian: Ethan, go tell Todd "You smell bad."
Ethan (pointing finger at Todd): I smell bad!

I kind of wish he wouldn't grow up.

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