Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little bit o' Claritin...

For me, and for my poor little E. I've come to the conclusion that Ethan and I have the same allergies. He was up so many times last night and just seems off. He has no fever but that nose is a runnin' and a runnin'. I hate to medicate him unless I know he needs it (okay, okay, I did give him tylenol a few times when he probably didn't need it in hopes of better sleep....) so I did the sinus pressure test. I pushed on his sinuses, next to his nose, and the boy melted into me. So, off we went to Walgreen's in search of Claritin for the both of us.
These storms we're having must stop. And I mean now. I really think that storms affect people and most certainly kids-even more so those kids who have behavioral/emotional issues. Weeks like this one are draining. I love my class- they are so intelligent and creative, but oh my, a week like this one and I am craving some quiet peace.... So, I took a bath (not really that quiet though, I brought my laptop with me). I feel better. Hopefully E will feel better too. And hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day!
PS - did I mention how cute Lucas is? He is just all smiles and giggles these days (when not screaming for food!)

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