Monday, March 9, 2009

Pasta Amore!

So obviously from the picture, Ethan had a good time tonight (he did put the shirt on like that on purpose, all by himself-such talent!) We went to our favorite local Italian place - Pasta Amore. They have the most delicious breadsticks and their alfredo sauce.... yum.... A really nice couple owns the place and they've got grandkids our kiddos' ages. Lucas was a big boy and sat in the high chair for the first time (at a restaurant anyway). He enjoyed it thoroughly and would like to tell you that he agrees on the deliciousness of the breadsticks. He gnawed away at them, while sucking down his bananas (stage 2!) This is such a fun age - all the firsts! He's even learned that game where he throws things on the ground to make you pick them up. Brian's really good at that one.
I got to go snuggle my Liam tonight. He is just growing and growing. I held him for an hour while he slept. I so miss that total deadweight sleep. I miss holding my boys that way. I do love all the stages along the way though - for sure! Babies are so much fun.... And so are toddlers, though I tell you what- that kid knows how to exhaust a person!

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